Do not give any donations to the ​Barbados National Trust as it will not give the funds to us at Andromeda.


ArtForAndromeda is in Bridport, Dorset, UK​! Click and Collect (but much better in person!).
LS 2 The Walk to Eype
LS 1 My Favourite Things
LS 4 The Walk from Pymore
The Pandemic was Disastrous in 2020. 2021 was Worse...
Mar-August 2020 - Andromeda closed for five months.
​Feb-March 2021 - Government mandated lockdown in Barbados. Only essential businesses open. Andromeda closed for 6 weeks.
April-May 2021​ - Volcanic ash from St Vincent. Andromeda closed for 5 weeks
June 2021 - Freak storm. Andromeda closed for one week.​
July 2021- Aug 2021 - Hurricane Elsa. Andromeda closed for 5 weeks
October 2021 - Confirmed coronavisurs staff infections - Andromeda closed for 2 weeks​.​
Please donate, but some art or just visit Andromeda Botanic Gardens!​
Blank Greeting Cards 6'' Square - Any 4
LS 8 Andromeda 4
LS 7 Andromeda 3
All framed prints are locally printed on archival quality Giclée Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm.
​Two sizes are available for the framed Bridport images, priced at GBP65 (approx 16x14 inches, 41x35.5cm) and GBP100 (approx 24x20.5 inches, 61x51cm). Andromeda framed prints are GBP65, (approx 16.5 x16.5 inches, 42x42cm).​
​The frames are wooden, stained (natural stain for the Bridport images, except as indicated) and custom built. Panes are acrylic glazing.
​Unframed prints are available. Please contact Sharon via email
A selection of unframed prints and original artwork is available in person from Bridport. Please email or phone 01308 422262.
Huge thank you to everybody who has donated so far. You have kept us open!

LS 5 Andromeda 1
LS 9 Andromeda 5
LS 6 Andromeda 2
LS 3 The Walk to Jellyfield
Unframed prints available in person from Bridport. Cards now accepted!
Large 40x50cm (Bridport only)​ 45.00 GBP,  Small​ 24x30cm (Bridport only)  30.00 GBP,  Small 30.5cm sq (Andromeda only)  30.00 GBP​

LS 3 Jellyfield, sq 42cm 16.5'' approx

​​For those wishing to donate directly, please use the 'Donation Amount' below right, or contact Sharon for bank details.
​​All donations go towards keeping this ​wonderful heritage garden open for all.​ 
Cards - Postage Costs
1 set                          GBP2.00
2-3 sets                     GBP2.50
4-5 sets                     GBP3.00
6-8 sets                     GBP4.00
Cards - See below for postage costs.
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