Art studio, exhibition and art courses at the Andromeda Community Arts Project. Based in Bathsheba, St Joseph, Barbados and spearheaded by the Peter and Jan Boos Foundation, the Arts Project is led by a team of local artists - Sheri AnnMarié Nicholls, Steffani Jemmott and Joanne Reed. It is a centre of learning and visual artistic creativity. CREATE. TEACH. SELL.

Sheri AnnMarié Nicholls was born in Barbados in the year 1986. Having grown up in the country and next to the sea, her love for the outdoors has been the trigger mechanism for her art pieces. Throughout her life, Sheri AnnMarié Nicholls has always been fascinated by images of old and new boats, organic features of the Barbadian landscape and how the world is represented through her eyes. She loves the idea of presenting her experiences of country life through her paintings, evoking the viewer with nostalgic emotions. AnnMarié works predominantly in oils, acrylic, watercolour and mixed mediums.
Graduated from the Barbados Community College with an Assoicate Degree in Visual Arts and a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Gold Medal winner of the Prime Ministers Award and “best in show" in the Crop over Visual Arts Exhibition with numerous groups and solo exhibitions. Sheri AnnMarié has also been featured in the Easy magazine and (UKA) United Karibean Artist. Her works can be found in collections both locally and internationally. Collaborated in numerous Government mural projects and cityscapes. Painting instructor of the Barbados Community College.

I grew up in Cornwall, UK an area well known for the arts and home to some of the most well-known British artists from the 50s and 60s era. I now live here on the island of Barbados after years of coming and going, and having a deep rooted connection to the island.
My painting practice is mostly figurative, and landscape based. Working mostly with oil paints, I create paintings that are atmospheric and evocative of time and place, capturing moments inspired by the sublime beauty of nature and the human interaction with it. My work sells internationally through The Saatchi online gallery and Instagram. I have worked with interior design companies, including the London based award winning interior designers Studio Ashby completing several commissions for them and being featured in the UK national newspaper The Telegraph.
I have a first degree in creative practice which has provided me with a broad knowledge of various artistic practices, although drawing and painting have always been my predominant practice. I have taught on an art degree course in the UK and at the St Ives school of painting.

Steffani Jemmott is a Barbadian visual artist who is currently pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at the Barbados Community College. Her medium of preference has been acrylics. Growing up in the rural countryside of Barbados has had a major influence in her admiration for nature and people, common features explored in her practice. Her deep appreciation for community and culture at large are fundamental components in her paintings. In her more contemporary work, her interest lies in the highlighting and bridging of similarities between nature and humans whilst exploring the commonalities we face as humans in relation to plants. Along her journey she has found solace through the utilization of flowers and the many aspects in which we as humans can relate to them. She employs flowers into her more recent and contemporary work to explore these relationships. In 2019, she participated in the community group project with EcoRebel “Bins Fuh Bim” in the painting of garbage cans in her hometown Bathsheba. Her work has been exhibited in the Gallery of Caribbean Art and she has also recently been featured in Yello Interview.
Joanne Reed
Steffani Jemmott
Sheri AnnMarié Nicholls
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