Andromona was flitting around the milk weed plants in Andromeda Botanic Gardens. There was something different in the feeling around the gardens. She was looking for Andromummy who had said that she had something important to say to her and Andromikey. The last time she had called them to her there had been a hurricane that had been very frightening, but they had all come through it. Andromona hoped that there wasn’t another hurricane coming.
“Do you feel something different today?” she asked her brother.
Oh yes! I don’t know what it is, though.” he said. “Maybe a huge sea monster is coming to get us!”
“Now then Andromikey, don’t frighten your sister,” Andromummy said. “I was just coming to tell you two that there is an open day today. Lots of people are coming and they are coming to see lovely Monarch butterflies so lots of swooping and fluttering, all right? ”
“Yes!” Andromona and Andromikey said.
Just then a huge gang of children came running through the gardens.
Andromona and Andromikey started to swoop and flutter and Andromona was just on her second flutter when something flew past her, nearly hitting her delicate wing.
“Look out Andromona!” Andromikey shouted, “that boy has a catapult!”
Andromona looked down to see a little boy, a catapult in his hand, ready to fire a stone at them. He let go and the stone shaved past Andromona’s head knocking her bow right off.
Quick as a flash Andromikey fluttered down to where the bow had landed, but the boy had seen it fall too. As he landed the boy was there, his foot hovering above Andromikey. As the foot got closer to Andromikey, Andromona shrieked. Will Andromikey be squashed?
Well, that is a story for another day!


6. Open Day 2

      5. Open Day 1
Andromona's Adventures
​Wonderful stories for adults and children! We follow the adventures of Andromona, a monarch butterfly. Her sense of wonder, bewilderment and mischief will delight and enthral!
Author: Amanda Thomas
​Illustrator: @Katithepainter Kati Haajanen
The last time we saw Andromikey and Andromona, a naughty little boy who had come to Andromeda Botanical Gardens for Open Day had knocked Andromona’s hair bow off and Mikey had swooped down to try and pick it up. But now the naughty little boy was standing with his foot right over Andromikey!
As Andromikey saw the shadow of the boy’s shoe fall over him he knew he had
​to act quickly. As quick as a flash he grabbed his sisters hair bow and ​zoomed out
from underneath the boy’s foot just as it crashed down onto ​the ground sending
 little particles of dust spraying out all around it.
Above him Andromona could hardly look. She had closed her wings over ​her eyes
​so she didn't have to see what she was sure was the last moments ​of her brave
brother. “Phew that was a close thing!” Andromikey said and ​​Andromona opened
​her eyes to see her brother beside her holding out her ​hair bow! She was so
​surprised she nearly fell off the little branch she had been sitting on.


We have planted numerous milkweed plants in the Ethnobotanical Garden at Andromeda. In the same area we have sown celosia and zinnia seeds with their nectar-rich flowers. We hope the emerging monarch butterflies, as well as the buck-eye, gulf fritillary and the rare gold-rimmed swallowtail butterflies remain in this area so visitors can enjoy all these wonderful butterfly species, and others, found at this historic organic garden. The management team is committed to protection of our biodiversity. 

But then Andromona and Andromikey watched in horror as down below them the boy took aim again with his catapult. Just then, a teacher who was in charge of the group of children, snatched the catapult out of the boy’s hands.
“Now then Leroy, that is a very naughty thing to do!” the teacher said, “you can have this back when we get back on the bus.”
Leroy looked extremely unhappy and stamped off after the other children.

“Watch this!” Andromikey said, and before Andromona could stop him he had swooped down to tickle the back of the boys neck, then the top of his ear and then his forehead. As the boy slapped out thinking he was being attacked by mosquito, Andromikey moved quickly to avoid his slapping hand and then flew back up to the branch to join his sister.
Together they watched the boy going down the path scratching and slapping at himself as he imagined he was under attack. The two of them were laughing when their mother Andromummy turned up.
“Well now you two I hope you've been keeping the visitors amused?” she said
Mikey and Mona looked at each other and burst out laughing again.
6. Open Day 2
6. Open Day 2
7. Celebrations!

Andromona and Andromikey had noticed a lot of activity around the botanical gardens.
“What do you think is going on?” Andromona asked her brother as the pair of them dodged a brush that was sweeping a path near their milkweed.
“Andromummy says that there is going to be a ceremony,” Andromikey said. He loved to be the one to pass on information.
“What is a ceremony?” Andromona asked.
“Well I’m not too sure about that.” Andromikey’s wings drooped slightly.
Just then Andromummy fluttered by. “Come with me you two” she said, “I want to go to the greenhouse to see how the milkweed cuttings are coming on.”
“Yummy” Andromikey said and Andromummy laughed.
“They are not ready yet, they have a lot of growing to do before Troy plants them out in the garden for us. Oh and the ceremony is going to be a celebration of 70 years since Andromeda Botanical Gardens was created by Iris Bannochie.”
“Did you know her?” Andromona asked.
Andromummy laughed. “No darling, that was a lot of years ago but because of her and Sharon, who looks after us all here now, we have this wonderful place to live. They fluttered down on the window ledge outside the greenhouse and looked through at the tiny milkweed plants, lined up in their pots.
“Future din-dins!” Andromikey said licking his lips and they all laughed.
And that afternoon, Andromummy, Andromona and Andromikey watched as people gathered in a lovely bright room, at the top of the botanical gardens where artwork covered the walls. There was even a senator, Andromummy told them. She was called Chantelle. Andromona was enchanted. “That name sounds like music!” she said.
They could not understand everything that was said but they loved the clapping and they loved hearing the familiar voice of their Sharon, as she introduced the guests. But most of all they loved the fact that they were safe and lived in the most beautiful of places.