Andromeda Botanic Gardens, Barbados

March 2018


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Spring ​Ok, so no rain at Andromeda for over two weeks. The plnts are holding upwell. The leaves certainly help to keep some of the moisture within the soil as well as break down and feed the plants.
Courses and Workshops​.  17th March How to use Colour in your Garden.
​​​​​​​Cutting back continues but we have to be a bit more selective/gentle at this time of year.
Boundary work. The Caesallpinia pulcherrimas continue to grow - albeit at a slower rate. We will treat them to a bit of food and water.
Succulent Garden. ​ Looking good - just waiting for the new plants to get established.
Palm Garden. Clearance work continues.
Irrigation.  The spring that appeared in the palm garden is still running  and we will channel the water into the existing tanks later this month.​ 
Visitor Numbers  are increasing. Record numbers in fact! Great news. We hope this continues. Increased advertising, more road signs and increasing Andromeda's visibility to local businesses are part of our plans for this year

Andromeda Botanic Gardens is owned by the Barbados National Trust and managed by Passiflora Ltd.  Mission statement. Passiflora Ltd.’s aim is to provide quality education and training in all aspects of garden and landscape design; horticulture; garden and landscape construction in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean; and to encourage the use of sustainable practices. As the company responsible for Andromeda Botanic Gardens, it aims to manage this historic site in accordance with its legal obligations to the Barbados National Trust.
                                                                                                 'One of the most unique and outstanding gardens in the world' Roy Cheek, January 2018.  

Queen Ingrid of Denmark Gazebo
viewed from the White Garden​