Andromeda Botanic Gardens, Barbados

​​April 2017


​​​​​​Spring is here!
  This is the best time of year for some wonderful flowers. Plumerias are now flowering and the foliage is returning. The bougainvillea are flowering as are the kalanchoes in the Succulent Garden.
​The Jade Vine
just keeps getting better and better. The blooms (above left) need to be seen to be believed! Extraordinary and surreal!
Weeping willow. The dead one has been removed and a very small one has been planted.​
BBC Gardeners World. Andromeda was featured on 17th March and we continue to have some first time visitors as a direct result of that great programme! Thank you to the wonderful Frances Tophill for choosing to volunteer with us. She is a star! Her cuttings are growing nicely as are the ones from our other volunteer Florence. Thank you both! Thank you to Jacqui, our current volunteer. Yes! We need more!
​​Internship. We have a French landscape architecture student volunteering for the next two months.
​​​Garden and Planting Design Course has started and the participants are so good!

​Let's Get Growing Workshop.
This took place on 4th March 2017 and it was great!

​​​​​I Bathsheba - My Journey. Art Exhibition by AnnMarie Nicholls. Continues through April. Amazing work so please visit.
Andromeda Botanic Gardens is owned by the Barbados National Trust and managed by Passiflora Ltd. 
Happening now! Many bromeliads are flowering so the hummingbirds are happy and they also love the cigar plant; fabulous bracts and flowers of the white bird of paradise - Strelitzia nicolai - we haven't noticed any hummingbird activity on these plants yet; plenty of hummingbirds can be seen on the Chinese hat plant; bees adore the shell ginger; our tiny feathered friends regularly visit the blue eranthemum; bees, hummingbirds and butterflies are often seen on the vibrant Mexican sunflower and the zinnias. Spring - our favourite time of year so please visit!
                'The flora of the world put together by a genius to make a magnificent garden' quoted by visitor Mike (2nd December)