Andromeda Botanic Gardens, Barbados

November 2018


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Courses.  Members only - Guided tour by Sharon Cooke and a special talk by Sir Henry Fraser are scheduled for  Monday 26th November 9-11am. Let's Get Growing wll return in February. 
​​​​​​​Cutting back has started again. We are keen to get it all completed this month, usually the rainiest month of the year.
Boundary work. Many of the the Caesalpinia pulcherrimas have begun to bud and some are flowering. We love it when a plan works! When the rain really comes we'll trim those at the front for a bushier layer. But there are too many yellow ones so we'll change some of these.
White Garden. ​ We had hoped to finish by the end of June but we are still adding some more 'white', plus a connecting deck so maybe next year. 
Palm Garden. We have finished removing the post-Iris division and what a difference! Now we wait for the grass to grow back.
Interpretive Signs.​ We are excited. Funding was received from the Peter Moores Barbados Trust The images connect the garden firmly to its history.
m Garden.​ We've added more plants and this is, at the moment, probably the most exciting area of the garden. We added some more caladiums and we have even added a bench!

Andromeda Botanic Gardens is owned by the Barbados National Trust and managed by Passiflora Ltd.  Mission statement. Passiflora Ltd.’s aim is to provide quality education and training in all aspects of garden and landscape design; horticulture; garden and landscape construction in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean; and to encourage the use of sustainable practices. As the company responsible for Andromeda Botanic Gardens, it aims to manage this historic site in accordance with its legal obligations to the Barbados National Trust.
  'The best garden in Barbados by far' Chris T, September 2018.  
This area looks at bit different now after storm Kirk did some damage. The umbrella tree has collapsed onto the bridge but 8 woman hours and the bridge is open!
Some hot pink drama in the garden; foliage; volunteers and interns; our first ever calabash fruit; and part of our White Garden.