Andromeda Botanic Gardens, Barbados

​​August 2017


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​​​​​​​The rain ...
did arrive...and then it went...and now it seems to be back again!  Cutting back continues and we also intend to clear and plant one of the boundaries this month. 
Palm Garden. We have nearly finished clearing the lower part and what a difference already! There are some unique palms in this area but they need a bit of tidying up a well as identifying.​ Ok they need a lot of tidying up so a bigger job than first anticipated. Possibly not until next year...
Limegrove Home and Garden Show 8th July.  What a great show! Andromeda made lots of great contacts and met some lovely people - some have been to visit Andromeda already.
Volunteers/Interns.  Thank you to Rosemary and now thank you to our newest volunteers Laura and Angus. Cutting back, transplanting and working in the nursery are all on the list for this month so please come and give us a hand!  It is rewarding and we even give you plants!  Interns are provided with a schedule of the proposed work for their college/university. ​​​​​​​​
Succulent Garden - We aim to transplant some agaves ​to provide a bit more scale and proportion in relation to the other two island beds.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens is owned by the Barbados National Trust and managed by Passiflora Ltd. 
Happening now! Iris domestica is starting to flower - quite lovely; the fruit on the wild anthurium are beautiful; lantanas are flowering so the butterflies are happy; the Panama rose is flowering nicely...still! Does it ever stop?; this bromeliad  (Aechmea fasciata) is flowering; many of the palms are flowering and fruiting; our white ginger is just about flowering - a bit disappointing as we were hoping for a more abundant display;  lovely pink flowering Caesalpinia pulcherrima; Tecoma stans - a favourite of hummingbirds; and the vibrant foliage of the cordyline.
                'The flora of the world put together by a genius to make a magnificent garden' quoted by visitor Mike (2nd December)